Dawn is a pleasure to work with. Her calm loving presence and skills really helped me gain the insight I needed to make important changes in my life.


have had a problem with my weight most of my life and it affected my self-esteem, confidence and everything I did. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted and I stayed at home more and more tohide my embarrassment. Somebody told me about Dawn and her hypnotherapy practice, and having nothing to lose (apart from my weight) I decided to try her virtual gastric banding. Dawn is a licenced Hypno-band practitioner, and after 4 sessions, I am on my way to a new life. I have a new outlook and I feel optimistic about my future. I have even started window shopping for clothes! What else can I say? It has changed my life. Fantastic!


I have suffered from insomnia many many years and I couldn’t work out why. I tried everything: sleeping tablets, melatonin, meditation tapes, cutting out coffee in the evening, but nothing worked. My PA made me call Dawn and I went to see her. She identified the problem and after only a couple of sessions I now sleep like a baby. I had forgotten just how good it felt to have a good night’s sleep. Dawn also gave me one of her relaxation CDs, which I listen to regularly. I am a changed man.


I am an executive in a large Australian mining company and as such I am expected to do a lot of public speaking. This always caused me agony and sleepless nights and at one stage I considered leaving my job. My wife had seen Dawn so I thought I’d give her a go. After a few visits I feel more confident, have no more sleepless nights and look forward to the next public speaking engagement.


I had a fear of spiders which got worse as I got older. I came to Dawn because I realised I was getting obsessive. After just one hypnotherapy session , the phobia was gone and it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am no longer paranoid. Thanks Dawn. I am going to send all my friends to you.