Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

What is the Hypno-Band system?

The Hypno-Band system is a hypnotherapy system designed to enable weight loss in the clinically obese, specifically those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

Who is it designed for?

The Hypno-Band system is designed for those clients who fall into the “Obese” range, which are clients have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. The system has also been used successfully with clients who have a lower BMI i.e. >25, and this is at the discretion of the practitioner. The Hypno-Band can be used with clients of ages 18 years upwards. It is not recommended to use the system below 18 years old as children tend to have a different set of emotional issues relating to food and over-eating.

How does it work?

The Hypno-Band is a combination of suggestion, visualisation and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which when combined help the client to make behavioural changes that make sustained weight loss possible. By using the “Virtual Gastric Band” we convince the client that they have undergone gastric band surgery thereby enabling them to eat smaller portions and have their hunger satisfied earlier. The “gastric band” part of the process is a mechanism that helps the client believe that their stomach is smaller with less capacity for food.

What are the steps involved?

The Hypno-Band system is used over a series of four sessions including an initial intake session. In the initial intake session an assessment is carried out to ascertain client suitability for the Hypno-Band system. The Hypno-Band system is explained to the client in detail. A medical history is taken, and an intake form completed.